Andrew Hudson: How can we get jobs during COVID-19?

Check out Fraternity Foodie episode # 46 where I interview the Founder and CEO of Andrew Hudson’s Jobs List, none other than Andrew Hudson himself. Andrew Hudson’s Jobs List has been Colorado’s premiere job board for 20 years. Started in 1998 with a few hundred followers, today, more than 35,000 subscribers receive the weekly updates and hundreds of thousands more visit AH Jobs List each month. Andrew has tons of great information to share with our college students, recent graduates, and professionals looking to get jobs or internships right now.

We find out why Andrew is so passionate about helping people find jobs, why his website works so well in matching job seekers with employers, why he and his wife give back to their community in Colorado, what companies are hiring right now during COVID-19, what applicants should put into their application or cover letter to get hired, what should people highlight in their resume, how to build trust in a Zoom video conference job interview, how to network online, and how to get in front of your dream company to work for. Our live town hall audience asks some great questions as well. Enjoy!

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