Gina Perregrino: How do we tap into our creativity in the business world?

Do you want to tap into our creativity in the business world? Our next guest will tell you how. Gina Perregrino is an American opera singer, teaching artist, and writer. Her experiences in the high-pressure world of operatic training and performance have led to advocate for more transparency around the emotional, financial, and geographical realities of being a full-time opera singer, as one can read about in her work published in Huffington Post. She is the creator FORTE, a series of musical-based workshops, using music as the catalyst for social, emotional and somatic awareness, available to conservatories and young artist programs across the country. A daughter and granddaughter in a family of quiet artists, Perregrino is determined to make some noise.

In episode 458 of the Fraternity Foodie Podcast, we find out when Gina knew that music was going to be her path in life, what it’s like being a full-time opera singer in terms of the emotional, financial, and geographical realities, what she does when she feels the nerves and anxiety hit just before a big performance on stage, whether chasing your dreams is really worth sacrificing weddings, funerals, birthdays, and silencing your own needs, what attendees learn from her workshop called FORTE even if they aren’t creatives, how you can use your vulnerability as a strength, how we can tap into our creativity in the business world, how we can hold onto our identity as a college student, and what we should do when we feel “stuck” in life. Enjoy!