Chirag Nijjer: Social media branding for fraternity or sorority

Are you interested in social media branding for fraternity or sorority? Learn from the best! As a son of immigrant parents from Punjab, India, Chirag Nijjer’s infatuation for marketing began with his family’s store in NYC. From an early age, he was committed to finding ways to draw customers into the shop. Chirag set on his quest for education, earning a B.A. in Economics with a focus on Entrepreneurship. Finally, he was able to access the knowledge and books that were unavailable for his immigrant family. Chirag often could not wait to bring what he learned back to his family, and discovered his passion for teaching and speaking. In Chirag’s “9-to-5”, he is a Platinum Customer Success Lead and celebrated team member at Google. He works with some of the world’s largest global brands, as an expert in crisis management and proactive problem-solving. For Chirag’s “5-9”, he is a dynamic speaker and insightful advisor, having worked with over 300 companies worldwide. With his proprietary methods and marketing strategies, he brings brands out of chaos and into action. In teaching his 3 core theories, Chirag takes businesses and student entrepreneurs from 0-80, putting them in a position to feel confident and comfortable to build their brand and effectively market their products and services. They finally grasp the complexities of marketing in a simplified way, using creativity and luck to push for the final 20 percent. In episode 463 of the Fraternity Foodie Podcast, we find out how Chirag got customers into his family’s clothing store as a kid in NYC, why he decided on Lafayette College for his undergraduate experience, why he joined Zeta Psi Fraternity, how he was able to get the job as a BOLD summer intern at Google, what he does today as Platinum Customer Success Lead at Google, how he was able to be a part of The Mega-Brands That Build America (season 2) on the History Channel, how fraternity and sorority members can build a brand around their chapter on social media, and how college students can bring their idea for a new product or service to market. Enjoy!