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Sigma Chi at Florida Gulf Coast nets $30,000 for Huntsman Cancer Institute

I love the idea behind Derby Days for Sigma Chi. The tradition started back at UC Berkley in 1916, and it still goes on today. Derby Days is four different parts. It consists of a relay race (sporting events and trivia), a fundraising competition, a skit competition, and finally the crowning of the Derby Darling. According to the latest article, Sigma Chi raised over $1.2 Million in 2013 for the Hunstman Cancer Institute from alumni and undergraduate chapters. This event taps into the competitiveness of the Greek system, it’s fun, engaging, and they’ve done a great job branding the event at chapters across the country. Not to mention, it’s all for a great cause! Keep up the great work guys.

Mizzou Kappa Kappa Gamma Challenging Stereotypes

I find this photo project called “Breaking Barriers” by Mizzou Kappa Kappa Gamma to be really interesting. I think they’ve tapped into something great by challenging the stereotypes of sorority women around the country in a unique way. The truth is that there are members in the Greek community that deal with suicidal thoughts, body image issues, racial barriers, and other problems that affect many college students today. As a group, I think they are better prepared to deal with those issues because they are not alone. They have a support group at their University of fellow sisters that will work through those issues with them, or find them the support they need on campus/in the community. They also have an ability to bring much more awareness to these pressing issues on campus together with a photo campaign like the one they’ve started. Great job!

Sorority Row at Alabama Hosts Early Trick or Treat For Children

I love this story out of Tuscaloosa. Parents of young children are typically apprehensive about their kids roaming the streets on Halloween night. Typically, Halloween is dominated by the older crowd with really scary costumes, parties, and other mischief. The sororities at Alabama decided to welcome in over 1,000 children in costume to Trick or Treat down Sorority Row prior to the actual date of Halloween. Sorority members get dressed up, play games with the children, and pass out candy. Every year the crowds get larger and larger as the community learns about the event through the local newspaper. It’s no secret that the University is the largest thing going in Tuscaloosa, and this is a small way for the Sororities to give back to their community and create a safe space for young children. It’s a great connection between the Greeks and the larger community, and one that the local residents look forward to each year. This is the difference between a hostile environment between the Greeks and local residents, and a healthy (mutually beneficial) relationship between the Greeks and local residents. Let’s do more of this!  

Haunted House by Sigma Pi and Kappa Alpha Theta for philanthropy

This idea is one that more fraternities/sororities should look at. When done well, it’s a recurring event that you can brand and hold annually to engage the student body and raise money for a good cause. In this article, you can see that Sigma Pi and Kappa Alpha Theta at Penn State University was raising money for the Amazing Day Foundation (Suicide Awareness) and Court Appointed Special Advocates (support for abused and neglected children). I love the fact that we had a partnering of a fraternity with a sorority for this fundraiser, as both organizations have a common mission to do philanthropy work, and more members are going to participate because you’re paired up with another organization. They did a great job in marketing the event through the Greek system, and then marketing the good work they do in the school newspaper. Halloween is a great holiday where many Universities are looking for a safe, fun, and engaging event to promote to students. Seems like a perfect fit, and a great way to raise money for the philanthropy that’s important to your chapter!