Diana Howles: How can we look our best on Zoom for interviews and important meetings?

Our next guest is Diana L. Howles, MA an award-winning speaker, global virtual facilitator, and master trainer who brings 25 years of experience in the talent development field. A virtual training expert, she has designed and facilitated live online and blended learning programs for organizations since 2000 in more than a dozen countries. As a professional speaker, she has addressed hundreds of audiences, and has trained Fortune 100 and 500 companies, government agencies, and academic institutions on a variety of professional business skills. Currently, she is CEO and co-owner of Howles Associates. Her learning and development articles have appeared in publications such as TD, Learning Solutions, Training, and trainingmag.com, and she is author of the book, Next Level Virtual Training (2022). Diana earned her master’s degree from Colorado State University and is a frequent presenter at in-person and virtual international and national conferences.

We find out why Diana chose Minnesota State University, whether virtual meetings on Zoom are here to stay after the pandemic, how to look your best on Zoom for interviews and important meetings, what are the top 6 on-camera mistakes to avoid, how we can look younger on Zoom, what is the key to engaging people on camera and in person for hybrid events, what technology we should be using for great audio in virtual events, and some ways students can land their dream job during the Zoom interview.

Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FSlr80xgEaY