Stan Pearson II appeared on live television on Atlanta & Co to discuss the 5 top secret tips to boost your child's confidence!

"Thank you so much for coming to speak to our students at PSU Mont Alto. Your presentation was engaging, thought provoking, and poignant! I appreciate what you are putting out into the world and I am thankful that an intelligent, articulate and sincere man has chosen to share his passion for unification with the rest of the world. I am officially a fan."
“Please say yes!” Stan Pearson mesmerizes his audience by giving them the confidence they need to get up and move. ‘No Chips with this Salsa’ was an excellent program that really got students excited and on their feet all night. He reaches out to them, and in turn they reached out to him and took a lot back with them from the program. My staff and I all really enjoyed the event, and would recommend more of it to every institute."
"I absolutely loved the program; I thought Stan Pearson did an excellent job of incorporating his own experiences with the experiences we go through every day. He brought stereotypical thoughts, words, and actions to the surface to be evaluated, questioned, and remediated, so that we may begin or continue to appreciate, understand and celebrate other people’s diversity."
"…One charismatic guy. He really relates to students and what they are going through. He’s energizing and encouraging. I frequently refer to his message in my classes. I highly recommend Stan."