Shaily Hakimian: What is the key to engaging followers on social media?

Shaily Hakimian is 🔥 Your Social Media Sherpa 🔥, so you better listen when she’s telling you how to engage your followers on social media, whether that’s your personal account, your fraternity/sorority chapter account, your council, or your business. Shaily graduated from Indiana University with a degree and certification in elementary education K-6, and she now uses those mad teaching skills to lead workshops, work with business owners 1-on-1 training them on social media, and has coached 170+ B2B consultants on how to use LinkedIn to grow their business. She guides business on how to stay top of mind with their community and referral network using social media. She loves live streaming, event social media, live Tweeting, and comment engagement. She has spoken at Trunk Club, Fiverr, State Farm, Notre Dame, University of Illinois, DePaul University, and University of Chicago.

In episode #121 of the Fraternity Foodie Podcast, we find out why Shaily chose IU – Bloomington, what it was like bonding with incarcerated classmates, how bullying changed her life, more about her Friending our Foes workshop, why social media is so important for us, the key to engaging our followers, how you can increase your sales using social media, how students and new professionals can leverage their LinkedIn accounts to get more leads for jobs/internships, what makes someone Jewish, and finally some answers to the debate on who makes better pizza: Chicago or New York. This interview earns “epic” status. Enjoy!