Ruth B. Carter, Esq: Can employers use your social media posts to make hiring decisions about you?

Our next guest is Ruth B. Carter, Esq! Here’s what they are really good at:

• Persuasive Writing – like nasty-grams and court filings

• Contracts, including terms of service and privacy policies – They use my past work as guidance

• USPTO Trademark Applications – including keeping you informed throughout the process, even when the update is that there is no update

• Explaining how the law works in plain English

In episode 284 of the Fraternity Foodie Podcast, we find out why they chose Oregon State, why they decided to get into the legal field, what things college students should not be posting online, if employers can use your social media posts in making hiring/termination decisions, what are the dangers of revenge p*rn, what can be done about anonymous accusations on YikYak to prevent innocent people/organizations from getting hurt, what students should be aware of (legally) if they decide to participate in a flash mob, what liability would your organization have by using an existing logo or brand in your rush t-shirt, and if graduates or college students doing an internship should be using social media while they are at work using company phones or computers. Enjoy!