Meet Mary!

  • I first heard Mary speak at the Adelphean Compass Conference with Alpha Delta Pi in Atlanta, Georgia in June of 2014. Mary captures the audience, by making them feel instantly connected to her by her vibrant personality and charm. Upon leaving the conference, I knew that the entire chapter of Alpha Delta Pi at Arizona State University could benefit from hearing Mary's lesson. While most speakers have one presentation that they speak to numerous times, Mary is truly passionate about her conversation making it specific to each presentation. As Chapter President of my organization, I was able to share with Mary struggles that my chapter faces and how we can overcome them. She was able to tie these into the presentation, along with current topics that would keep the participants engaged and wanting more from her discussion. I know that my life has been enriched by Mary's conversation.

    Ashlan Garvey, Alpha Delta Pi Chapter President
    Arizona State University
  • As for her visit to our chapter, the presentation was so well received by our chapter members! Women spoke about it long after the presentation was over which was a testament to the impact the discussion had on their lives. The discussion was relevant and presented in a timely manner where the audience was able to stay engaged the entire time. The connections made between personal experiences, current trends, and socially relevant topics kept the conversation funny and engaging, while still getting strong messaging across. It not only related to their experience as a member but also as a leader in our chapter.

    Tara Innab
    University of Washington
  • Light-hearted and humorous, yet purposeful presentation. This presentation wants to make us all unite to bring each other up and share our responsibility to womanly success.

    Katlyn Logsdon
    Christopher Newport University