"Hank Nuwer, a Franklin College academic, is perhaps the world's leading authority on the subject of hazing."

Hank speaking at Indiana Memorial Union

Hank Nuwer, Participatory Journalist, Montreal Expos camp with Felipe Alou

Hazing: Destroying Young Lives. Book edited by Hank Nuwer.

"RIT’s Fraternity & Sorority Life was honored to have the internationally renowned hazing prevention expert, Hank Nuwer, as our Hazing Prevention Week Keynote speaker. Professor Nuwer was able to share powerful stories on how hazing has impacted the lives of not only the victims but the families, friends, and others which really hit home to our community. . . .Hearing the stories about how others have suffered has only strengthened my resolve to continue fighting against this evil."
"In the mid-1970s, Hank Nuwer was a graduate student at the University of Nevada and witnessed a few initiations near his home. Then he heard about another incident (by the same club of athletes) in which a student was killed and another suffered brain damage. Since that time, he's been on a virtual one-man crusade to eliminate hazing. Nuwer's book "Wrongs of Passage" is a chilling compendium of hazing-related deaths and injuries on America's campuses."

Hank Nuwer at NGLA 2020 in Baltimore, Maryland