Gigi Robinson: How can college students use social media to make a real impact?

Our next guest is Gigi Robinson. She is a digital artist, health & wellness advocate, current M.S. Candidate, and graduate of the University of Southern California with a Bachelors in Fine Arts, Design, and Photography. She has very strong presences across Tik Tok (100k views on average) and Instagram (15.5k+ followers), and, as of this year, she has been developing her YouTube and Podcast content. Despite all of the physical and psychological challenges that threatened the path to becoming who she is today, Gigi has challenged adversity and dedicated a majority of her life to become a master content creator, always keeping her values of creating positive and impactful messages to her diverse audience as a priority.

In episode number 170 of the Fraternity Foodie Podcast, we find out why Gigi chose USC, what was special about Tri Delta (Theta-Xi chapter), what #bamarush and #alabamarush on TikTok says about our fraternities and sororities, what drew her into digital marketing in college, details on the DEI training program for the Nationwide TikTok Campus Reps, more on her chronic illness (ehlers danlos syndrome), why she’s so passionate about body image issues, how her Instagram Talk Show called “Everything You Need Is Within” came about, tips to avoid burnout in college, how students can use social media to make a real impact, what she looks for in creative partnership opportunities, what’s next for Gigi, and her favorite restaurants in New York City. Enjoy!