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One year ago, five writers came together to address campus safety issues like hazing, sexual assaults, and alcohol/drug abuse by developing an online new member education program for ALL organizations and universities to leverage the leadership found in today's fraternities and sororities. These writers include Dr. Thea Zunick (Director of Student Life at University of the Sciences), David Westol (CEO of Limberlost Consulting), Dr. Jason Meriwether (Vice President for Student Success at Rhode Island College), Ross Szabo (Pioneer of the Youth Mental Health Movement), and Michael Ayalon (CEO of Greek University).

Some national fraternal organizations and campuses create fantastic educational programs and experiences to welcome their newest members into a fraternal organization. Others lack the resources and are in need of new member programming across all chapters. The need for a common foundation to empower new members of ANY organization (within the NIC, NPC, NPHC, NAPA, and PFA) to be safer and more successful is greater than ever. To that end, we have created a ubiquitous online New Member Orientation that will comprise of 13 short video modules with pre and post assessment to track student completion and understanding of the material presented.


1. History & Heritage
2. Fraternal Values
3. Leadership
4. Hazing Prevention
5. Alcohol & Drug Abuse Prevention
6. Sexual Assault Prevention
7. Mental Wellness
8. Values Based Recruitment
9. Academic Excellence
10. Diversity & Inclusion
11. Service Learning
12. Harm Reduction
13. Social Media & Branding


1. Walter Kimbrough, President, Dillard University
2. Joe Bertolino, President, Southern Connecticut State University, Past National President Delta Sigma Phi
3. Jess Ekstrom, Founder, CEO Headbands for Hope
4. Monica Lee Miranda, Director Center of Student Involvement, USF
5. Sara Lowrey, Coordinator of Student Life at Salisbury University
6. Tom Healy, Managing Partner, LaunchPoint Solutions
7. Jessi McPherin, VP of Strategic Initiatives, LaunchPoint Solutions
8. Ross Szabo, Pioneer of the youth mental health movement
9. Lauren Cook, Author and speaker on millennial happiness
10. Michael Ayalon, CEO of Greek University

PLUS many more well known leaders of the Greek Community in Spring 2018!

How will students use these modules?

Students will be able to access all of these modules on their smartphones, tablets, or laptops at any time, day or night. They will individually log in through the Greek University website, or for partners, they will be able to log in individually through the national organization portal. If they are going through the national organization portal, users will be able to use their normal sign-in (user ID and password), and then once they are signed in, they will click on a link to the Greek University modules to begin.

These are not mandatory modules, but rather an additional resource for your members that choose to adopt the Greek University modules. They will supplement any pre-existing fraternal or campus based program. New members of ANY Greek letter organization will benefit. There will be links to a variety of resources and support services so students can dive deeper into any topic. Our presenters are experts in their topic areas, engaging on camera, and well respected in the field.

How long will it take for students to complete?

We anticipate some campuses or national organizations will have their new members complete a few modules each week and facilitate conversation along the way. Others will expect that all modules will be completed in a compact period of time and then engage the students in facilitated conversations on all content in one event like a New Member Symposiums. Our program will be flexible enough to be used in many ways thus allowing for deeper penetration to every campus community.

What is available now, and how to I get access?

The modules currently available are Leadership, Mental Wellness, Values Based Recruitment, Academic Excellence, and Service Learning.

The cost to participate in the Beta Test with these first 5 modules and access to all pre and post assessment reports for each member of your community is:

$1,000 for up to 500 students, $2,500 for up to 3,000 students, or $4,000 for up to 10,000 students.

For more information, please contact Mike Ayalon at (203) 58-GREEK or email:

What data reports will be given to partners?

Data on new members participating in the program will be collected and shared with our partner organizations. Some examples are:
1. How many students join each year/semester
2. Average age
3. Distribution across North America
4. Ethnicity
5. Socioeconomic data
6. On/off campus residence information
7. Involvement trends
8. Philanthropic and service involvement
9. Employment during school
10. Academic performance
11. Climate survey (risk factors, attitudes)