Quote on Zach's presentations

"We were excited and fortunate to have Zach present a session on mental health- a highly critical topic, especially amongst college students balancing school, work, Greek life, and other responsibilities. I appreciated that he took the time to familiarize himself with my school’s resources and the student’s needs so that he could best serve our specific community prior to coming on campus. He not only gave accurate facts about mental health, but also he shared his own personal journey. Zach effectively reduced the stigma around mental health, and it was an especially impactful message coming from a fellow Greek life male who understood the complex dynamics life can present. On top of it all, he spoke in an intriguing, current manner that kept us engaged throughout his presentation. He has helped not only myself, but also others to identify with signs of anxiety and other mental health topics and methods for support. I highly recommend Zach to share his story and offer his advice about mental health, as he has supported me and my Greek community in ours."