“As a regular conference presenter and speaker on college and university campuses, Dr. Thea Zunick delivers interactive, timely and thought-provoking talks related to emotional intelligence, change management and executive presence; to name a few. She demonstrates professionalism and a high level of competency in presentations and talks that are outcome driven, strategic and action-based where audience members can learn from her expertise. I highly recommend inviting Dr. Zunick to your organization or conference!”
"Thea is a dynamic speaker that effortlessly adapts her content and delivery to the needs of her audiences. As Director of Collegiate Services at Delta Phi Epsilon Sorority, I have witnessed Thea coach students through self-discovery and leadership development processes, create spaces for dialogue and engagement across difference, and present high-level concepts in an easily digestible way to entry-level staff. Whether it be working with undergraduate students, training consultants within a corporate setting, or providing coaching and consultation to staff, Thea draws from her versatile skill set and comprehensive portfolio of work to identify needs, craft meaningful messages, and elevate clients to increased levels of critical thought, professional behavior, and overall performance."