Libby Parker MS, RD: What tools can college students use to break up with their eating disorder?

Welcome to episode # 115 of Fraternity Foodie! Today we have with us Libby Parker, a Registered Dietitian (RD), or “nutrition expert” who loves helping people re-learn how to eat intuitively. In 2019 she published an eating disorder recovery book for college students called “Permission to eat: a practical guide to working yourself out of an eating disorder during college, while celebrating the awesomeness that is you!”

We find out why Libby chose the University of Minnesota-Twin Cities, what drives her to make such a big impact in the areas of health and nutrition, why college is such a big time for eating disorders, what an eating disorder looks like so students can recognize it, what is the eating disorder denial, what tools college students can use to break up with their eating disorder, what information they should be sharing with health professionals, if we need to cut back on all the exercise, how we handle that and start to love our body instead of shaming it, what are the hardest things about recovery, and all the great spots to eat in San Luis Obispo, California. Enjoy!