"Jordan has genuine care for everyone she ever works with. She is the one that everyone in the Greek Life Community goes to if they are having troubles and need advice. I have been able to work with Jordan as the Panhellenic advisor in many different positions: Chapter Delegate, Recruitment Councilor, and Panhellenic President. During those times, I have experienced how Jordan is very knowledgeable on all operations and is able to respond to any type of question/situation ever brought to her desk. Specifically, regarding NPC, she knows all the handbooks from front to back, so after she is done communicating the bylaws to the community, and the students have questions, she never has to go digging to find the answers. Jordan also is very on top of the recruitment rules, knowing all the new updated bylaws as they come out so when questions arise from the campus Panhellenic community, she already has the answers."