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Sorority Row at Alabama Hosts Early Trick or Treat For Children

I love this story out of Tuscaloosa. Parents of young children are typically apprehensive about their kids roaming the streets on Halloween night. Typically, Halloween is dominated by the older crowd with really scary costumes, parties, and other mischief. The sororities at Alabama decided to welcome in over 1,000 children in costume to Trick or Treat down Sorority Row prior to the actual date of Halloween. Sorority members get dressed up, play games with the children, and pass out candy. Every year the crowds get larger and larger as the community learns about the event through the local newspaper. It’s no secret that the University is the largest thing going in Tuscaloosa, and this is a small way for the Sororities to give back to their community and create a safe space for young children. It’s a great connection between the Greeks and the larger community, and one that the local residents look forward to each year. This is the difference between a hostile environment between the Greeks and local residents, and a healthy (mutually beneficial) relationship between the Greeks and local residents. Let’s do more of this!  

Haunted House by Sigma Pi and Kappa Alpha Theta for philanthropy

This idea is one that more fraternities/sororities should look at. When done well, it’s a recurring event that you can brand and hold annually to engage the student body and raise money for a good cause. In this article, you can see that Sigma Pi and Kappa Alpha Theta at Penn State University was raising money for the Amazing Day Foundation (Suicide Awareness) and Court Appointed Special Advocates (support for abused and neglected children). I love the fact that we had a partnering of a fraternity with a sorority for this fundraiser, as both organizations have a common mission to do philanthropy work, and more members are going to participate because you’re paired up with another organization. They did a great job in marketing the event through the Greek system, and then marketing the good work they do in the school newspaper. Halloween is a great holiday where many Universities are looking for a safe, fun, and engaging event to promote to students. Seems like a perfect fit, and a great way to raise money for the philanthropy that’s important to your chapter!    

Alpha Phi Omega Shaves Heads To Raise Money For Childhood Cancer Research

Congratulations to Alpha Phi Omega service fraternity at Oklahoma University for their philanthropy to benefit St. Baldrick’s on November 4th. Every family is affected by cancer in some way, and my own family is certainly no exception.  The money that Alpha Phi Omega raises will go towards childhood cancer research, and the hair that is collected on campus will go towards wigs for people affected by cancer. The photos and hashtags #baldisbeautiful is another great addition to this event that is sure to draw lots of awareness on campus. Buttons that members will be wearing that displays “every 3 minutes” to signify how often a child is diagnosed with cancer in the United States is another powerful message. It’s just another way to show the values of Alpha Phi Omega to the entire campus community, and attract others that believe in working together towards a common cause. Will this event have deep meaning for the members of Alpha Phi Omega and bring them closer as an organization? Absolutely. Is it the right type of message to send to the students at Oklahoma University about what Greek letter organizations are all about? Absolutely. We can make a difference!  

Alpha Tau Omega helps with Sexual Assault Prevention on campus

Alpha Tau Omega at University of New Mexico had a really interesting display on campus that brought more awareness to the issue of Sexual Assault on college campuses. They arranged more than 3,000 cups on campus to visually show how many students on campus who will experience Sexual Assault in their lifetime. Red cups signified women, and the blue cups signified men. Also, they used red solo cups to bring the connection that in 90 percent of these cases, alcohol is involved. If you watch this video in the news story, you’ll see that Alpha Tau Omega also did a great job in making their awareness campaign go viral by using hash tags in their event and a way to photograph participants in such a way that it’s easy to share on social media sites like Facebook and Instragram. Think about how you can build a peer to peer awareness campaign on your campus, so that the Greeks are the ones educating the rest of the campus community on either consent or bystander intervention. Better yet, bring me in to have a conversation about definitions, consent on a college campus, and steps for bystander intervention with your campus community today!....