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Sigma Pi at Cal Poly to Host Suicide Awareness Week

I loved reading this article today about Sigma Pi at Cal Poly hosting their first Suicide Awareness Week on campus. Mental health is something that we don’t talk often enough on college campuses, especially within men’s groups. The number of instances of mental health issues has been climbing, and our fraternities/sororities are in the best position to catch the warning signs before tragedy sets in. Also, the way that the Sigma Pi chapter is setting up the entire week with events is especially effective in building awareness at the University. I frequently see a one night event on campus that is over quickly, but this schedule will reinforce the importance of the issue and give lots of students different ways to process the information and react. Congratulations brothers.

Grand Valley Alpha Sigma Phi pledges $50K for Companion Dogs

After reading this article about Alpha Sigma Phi riding bikes for over 1,300 miles to benefit Canine Companions for Independence, I’m just blown away. All the money that they raise with this event will go towards highly trained assistance dogs for those in need – free of charge. Last year the chapter raised $34,000, and this year the expectations have gone up to $50,000. Each brother that goes on the 8 day trip needs to raise a minimum of $750. Imagine the feeling when the 30 brothers arrive together on the 8th day of the bike ride. Imagine the feeling they get when they present the check for $50,000 to this incredible cause. It’s what the values of Alpha Sigma Phi are all about, and it’s a great way to convey those values to the campus community. I’m sure they will attract other leaders on campus that want to get involved in this annual event, and what a great story to share with perspective employers as well. Keep up the great work!


20 Sorority Members at University of Michigan Break The Silence on Sexual Assault

Check out this article on 20 sorority members at the University of Michigan that took the microphone at the Greek Life Speak Out to break the silence on their experiences with sexual assault. Attendees felt shock, heartbreak, and empowerment. I’m so glad that they plan on continuing this event annually, because I believe that the more we talk about it on each campus, the better off we are in preventing these types of assaults in the future. The event also highlighted the many resources that are available for survivors on campus, which are designed to help students but may not be known to everyone. I believe it clearly shows the support that the Greek system has embedded within it. When Fraternity and Sorority is done right, their houses should be the safest places on campus. Speaking out against sexual assault is the first step! 20 #Sorority Members at the University of Michigan break the silence on Sexual Assault: https://t.co/XIwlNS6PCH — Michael Ayalon (@GreekUniversity) February 4, 2016

Delta Zeta at Louisville Break The Stereotype

Another successful campaign is up on Facebook and getting lots of media attention is Delta Zeta at the University of Louisville that is looking to break the stereotypes of sorority women all over North America. I think these campaigns can be really successful in changing the narrative that is all too often written about Greek Life. I’m looking forward to fraternities also using this opportunity to make a statement about the realities of Greek Life, including the scholarship, community service, and philanthropy that they are heavily involved with, contrary to what is usually portrayed in the media. If you want to see the full Delta Zeta campaign on Facebook, check it out here. Great job! Delta Zeta #sorority at Louisville breaks the stereotype with their photo campaign: https://t.co/9DWwi5oCFh — Michael Ayalon (@GreekUniversity) January 31, 2016