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At Greek University, we believe in the leadership of the Greek community.

We have changed behavior in the long term and created safer campuses by leveraging that leadership. We are the first central resource designed specifically for all Fraternity and Sorority members in North America, and our programs are designed to address some of the most difficult problems that your students face, such as alcohol and drug abuse, sexual assaults, and hazing incidents on your campus. In addition to our University keynote speakers that travel all over North America, we also offer additional services like workshops, Greek retreats, recruitment assistance, independent membership reviews, advisor training, TIPS for University™ training, curriculum design, and one-on-one coaching. At Greek University, we provide the first ever online new member development program for a consistent and comprehensive values-based learning experience for all members of your organization and your Greek community, which is accessible 24 x 7.

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"Michael is single-handedly the best speaker I have ever witnessed. He is very knowledgeable about Greek relations. He is very passionate about what he does and it shows when he speaks. I am very pleased that we were able to work together and get Michael to Southern Arkansas University." - Corbin F.

"With Mike, you won't find someone that is cookie-cutter and generic, but instead someone that is genuine and approachable. I believe this is why Mike is able to connect with anyone he crosses paths with, regardless of background and experience. I also believe this to be a leading indicator of Mike's passion for helping others. Mike cares about our organizations, and isn't afraid to tackle the more sensitive issues that plague the Greek community across our country. He welcomes the discussion of said issues head on, and in this sense is a breath of fresh air. Discussing sensitive topics though is only half the battle, the other half is finding solutions to combat these issues. Mike has the experience, knowledge, and resources for finding solutions. I give a man like Mike Ayalon the highest recommendation, not only for his work as a professional and leader, but for the kind of man he is on a personal level as well." - Neal W.

"Michael gave a great hazing prevention speech that catered to both new members and current members of our Greek organizations. He was also very helpful in observing Greek practices at our school and making suggestions on how to better improve the community." - Emily S.

"I was able to book Michael Ayalon for our bid day speech to discuss the positives of Greek Life with the new male members of our Greek Community at Syracuse University. From start to finish Michael demonstrated a high skill set in public speaking as well as strong enthusiasm and charisma for his work. I will be sure to stay in contact with him for any future public speaking events we may have and I’m looking forward to working with him in the near future." - Brett C.

"From the moment I met him, I recognized that he was the kind of person that I wanted to surround myself and my students with. He sees the big picture and then gets down into it to make that vision happen. One of my favorite things about working with Mike was his ability to connect with my students on a level that has stuck with them years past his time with them. I still hear "Well Mike suggested this.." over a year later! Amazing!" - Thea Z.

"Michael did a great job helping our Greek community understand the many ways that risks can become catastrophes without the implementation of safeguards and prevention measures. He provided a day of education and awareness that went from the origins of fraternal organizations and secret societies to issues of risk, including hazing and sexual assault awareness and prevention. He was captivating and well-received by our students, providing an innovative and interactive experience for our Greek community. He tailored the day to our desires and delivered.” – Pam S.

"As a student affairs professional, it is evident that the change and direction Mike brought to the fraternity has made Sigma Pi one leading organizations in the industry today. Other than tremendous growth in membership and academic development achieved during his time as executive director, Mike launched new and innovative programs for both undergraduate and alumni members. During my time as the fraternity and sorority advisor at Middle Tennessee State University, I had the pleasure of working with Mike on multiple occasions, as he provided training and education to the entire fraternity/sorority community in the areas of hazing prevention, academic achievement, sexual violence prevention, and chapter development. Perhaps what I admire most about Mike is his passion--his passion for people, communication, social issues, the fraternal movement, and relationships. I am beyond grateful for individuals like Mike who dedicate their lives for a cause they believe in. Through the work we do as fraternity/sorority professionals, I find hope and inspiration in the services Mike provides to Greek members across the country. I am amazed at his ability to reach students at the core of their development and highly recommend his programs and services." - Donald A.

"Michael was invited to our campus to certify several of our Greek students in TiPS. Michael did an outstanding job and was extremely easy and flexible to work with from start of the planning process to the post assessment of the event. Michael's genuine care for students' well being shines through all of his work." - Lukas M.

"He is a highly engaging and thought-provoking speaker; he makes you think of leadership in a new way. He has all of the most important qualities in business: credibility, competence, and caring. There are only a select few people who have left a lasting impression on my life, and Michael is at the top of my list." - Francis H.

"Michael's visit was a fantastic way to kick off National Hazing Prevention Week at Stony Brook University. The tools and information he gave us are invaluable and will surely help us spread awareness to the defining characteristics of hazing as well as the methods and motivation to actively end it." - James R.

"Michael's presentation was amazing on a subject that Greeks don't want to talk about: harm reduction. For most of our chapters, we don't talk about prevention of harm or risk issues until something happens. Thank you for starting a conversation that needed to be started on our campus." - Ethan S.

"Michael is professional and knowledgeable. He has a special way to inspire people as he educates them on best practices. I've known Michael for some time and highly recommend him. In a time when it's difficult to know if your investing your money wisely, I can confidently recommend Michael for your efforts!" - Dr. Ethan B.

"Michael is a phenomenal speaker and leader. He does what many can't do: connect to millennials and inspire them to achieve more. He's THE man.... Stop reading this recommendation and just bring him in to speak already." - Jordan V.

"From the start to finish, Michael successfully captivated the attention of the entire room. His superior public speaking skills, enticing up to date content, passion and ability to connect with millennials will leave you and your peers energized and motivated to go out and make a difference on your campus. You WILL NOT be disappointed in choosing Michael to speak at your campus or organization!" - James H.

"Having Michael Ayalon come give presentations to our Greek community has always been an uplifting experience. His presentations have helped guide my fraternity's chapter and because of it we are well informed on how we can become a larger success as a chapter of our fraternity as well as in the Greek Community that we are a part of." - Schuyler M.

"I have heard Michael speak several times over the past few years. His sessions are always very informative and are very relatable to the average college student, with plenty of relevant and realistic examples of success to facilitate interest and inspiration for student organizations to thrive and grow. More recently, I have listened to him tackle important issues in risk management, such as sexual assault prevention and community involvement under the Greek University banner. Michael's new initiative is one that will greatly influence Greek Life for years to come, and I would recommend any director of student life to bring in Michael as an educator for the college population." - Christopher B.

"You have taken our organization to new heights and challenged undergraduates, alumni, and campus partners to think differently about the fraternity experience. I am completely thankful for your dedication and focus on growth." - Kevin C.

"You took, head on, important issues that needed to be addressed, such as: organization, insurance reform and hazing. It is so important to address hazing prevention and drinking issues." - Curt C.

"You are a great ambassador for Greek Life." - Shawn B.

"Thank you for all of your teachings. You're definitely one of the best brothers I've ever met. Your hard work and perseverance is truly an inspiration to everyone. I hope to one day be as good a leader and make a difference as much as you have." - Ben S.

"It was truly a pleasure working with you these past few years, learning so much about how to become a better leader, and developing myself into a better man." - Andrew C.

"I know my chapter would not even exist if it wasn't for your advice and guidance, or your leadership during our troublesome year. Even myself, I know I would not have have done as much as I have without the opportunities you have given me." - Kevin S.

"This guy is amazing. One of my favorite brothers worldwide. He came to the fraternity with a vision of change. He saw the vision coming true and still conquering to be the best fraternity. He taught me how to be a better leader and person. I love this guy and all the hard work he has done for my fraternity." - Ron J.

"Thank you for your heart to make fraternity men better. Your passion for the fraternal movement and attitude towards life is beyond inspiring!" - Jenn S.

"Thank you for being a colleague and partner in our work to end domestic and sexual violence as well as advance the fraternal movement. I am proud to know you." - Stephen D.

"Thank you for everything you have done. Your visit to KU rejuvenated the chapter and we promise what you started will be completed leaps and bounds above what you have imagined." - Drew B.

"My personal thanks for all you have done. The fraternity is better off for your work. Our chapter is still benefiting from your visit 3 years ago and your interactions with our Execs at conferences." - Jeremy L.